Try Us Out with our June Trade-Up Promo!

We are giving you a chance to upgrade more of your models with Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders this summer!

This promotion is all about the trying something new! If you have a roomful of models with our original Tsunami installed, or have models with (heaven forbid!) something else installed, this is your chance – our June trade-in promotion.

Here’s how it works – go to your local Authorized SoundTraxx Retailer and purchase any Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoder – any model, any flavor. Send us your original Tsunami or competitor’s comparable decoder, your original Tsunami2 sales receipt, and our Promotion Form. It must be dated between June 1st and June 30th to qualify. We’ll send you a Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoder back to you – free, except for a small shipping charge.

SoundTraxx Customer Comments:

  •   David C.
    "The sounds that I have programmed with all TSU-2200s and the soundcars have turned out fantastic. You have certainly done some brilliant upgrades from the previous decoders and I have no desire to switch brands, as I have been able to compare them and as far as I'm concerned, Soundtraxx is far superior." - David C.
  •   Ed
    "George, I met you at the Chicago March Meet and attended your clinic. I immediately rushed into the sales room after your clinic and purchased a TSU-4400... Being a steam locomotive engineer on the Boone & Scenic Valley RR for more than 25 years I can truly appreciate what you have done with your product. It is awesome. I just need to get these glitches worked out. Thanks for your help." - Ed
  •   Carl
    I just wish that I could put in words my excitement on the T2 not just motor functions but lighting also .Since I have wrote you I have ordered three more decoders if that gives you any ideal how excited I am. All I can say is I see a lot of people on you tube saying they are going to covert over to ESU full throttle I have some ESU full throttle and I constantly forget if I have F9 on or off and always having incidents but with T2 no matter what you turn done throttle and engine response to it not sound only. With T2 you can run with DDE in auto or manual or combination of the two or not at all, the old saying have your cake and eat it to applies. For those who haven’t yet tried T2 you own it to yourself to try it and make your own decision." - Best regards Carl

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