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ECO-400 Digital Sound Decoders

This 4-amp, universal-style digital sound decoder is suitable for models with higher stall currents such as some S, O, and large scale locomotives. It includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches.

Econami ECO-400

Dimensions: 69 x 30.5 x 14mm Max. Motor Stall Current: 4A
Max. Function Current: 100mA (each output) Function Outputs: 6
Audio Amplifier: 3 Watts, 8-Ohm Load DCC Track Voltage: 7.5V – 26V


The Econami line is equipped with powerful new amplifiers; therefore, it is important to choose a capable speaker to use with these decoders. Below you will find a list of speakers that are compatible with the ECO-400.

P.N. Description P.N. Description
810129 23mm Square Mega Bass Speaker 810131 28mm Square Mega Bass Speaker

MSRP $149.95
P.N. Description Sound Selection Reference
881005 ECO-400 Steam Steam Sounds
882005 ECO-400 Diesel Diesel Sounds