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Your Favorite Decoder Goes Wireless!

Introducing our newest Digital Sound Decoder line: Blunami. This line of decoders takes all of our industry-leading sounds and features and adds the ability to control the decoder wirelessly through your phone or other mobile device using the free Blunami App.

Download the App Now!

The FREE Blunami app is available in the App store on your iOS device (versions 8 or later). Wireless mode is not currently available for android devices.

Blunami will change the way you enjoy the model railroading hobby!

The BLU-2200 is a universal-style sound decoder that can be operated in three different ways: DC, DCC and Wireless mode. Using the Blunami app (iOS versions 8 or later), you can operate your locomotive with incredible ease of use. This decoder is suitable for use in both HO and small S-scale models. The Blunami App eleminates the need for a commandstation or CVs when running your trains. All you need is the decoder and track power to access all of the amazing SoundTraxx features that you know and love!

Wireless mode is not currently available for android devices.

Currently Blunami decoders are only available at your local retailer. We will send out announcements when the BLU-2200 is available on our webstore. We will have more board formats to follow as well. Sign up for our email newsletter in the footer section of our website to receive these updates!

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