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SoundTraxx Decoder Warranty Policy

Each SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoder is tested thoroughly before it is shipped and warranted to be in good working order and free of manufacturing defects. However, in the event that a mistake does occur during installation within the first 90 days, SoundTraxx will cover the repair under our ‘Safety-Net’ Service Warranty.

If during the first ninety (90) days you damage your Digital Sound Decoder or it fails to operate, SoundTraxx will repair or replace the system free of charge if:

  1. The original sales receipt showing purchase from an authorized SoundTraxx dealer accompanies the decoder. Receipt must show purchase date to be within the last 90 days. Your original receipt will be returned with your repaired unit.
  2. There is no damage resulting from unauthorized repairs or modifications. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Removing the shrink tubing from the decoder
    • Drilling or enlarging circuit board holes
    • Cutting or trimming the circuit board
  3. The Digital Sound Decoder is returned properly packaged, postage paid, and insured- SoundTraxx is not responsible for product lost or damaged in transit.

    Recommended Shipping Package - Packaged in a protective box and insured. Reminder: sometimes markers will 'bleed' in the rain - put a piece of clear tape over the address to protect it!

Exclusions - Onboard locomotive speakers are not covered by this warranty. SoundTraxx will not warranty nor repair any product returned in an envelope which does not provide proper protection during transit (e.g. No. 10 envelope). This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, fire, floods, or other acts of God.

Limits of Liability

The foregoing shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy of any owner of this product for breach of warranty including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. IN NO EVENT SHALL SOUNDTRAXX BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR FOR THE REPRESENTATIONS OF RETAIL SELLERS.