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Econami UK Digital Sound Decoders

Get brilliant features, top-quality UK- UK-specific sounds, and the SoundTraxx renowned support team all in one package! Our Econami UK Digital Sound Decoders are loaded with features unique to trains running past or present in the United Kingdom. Selectable exhaust chuffs, engine types, whistles, horns, and more - over 40 sound effects are in each version, all recorded by SoundTraxx from UK equipment.

UK ECO-100

UK ECO-200


Econami UK Features


Econami UK Digital Sound Decoders are available in Steam and Diesel versions. Steam versions have selectable exhaust chuffs, whistles, and more. Diesel versions include 6 distinct engines - such classics as Electric Class 20 and 37, Traction Class 31, 47 - and a “lightweight” DMU. Steam versions have exhaust chuffs for 2 or 3-cylinder and articulated engines, plus 16 different whistles - including shunting whistles.

Though priced with value in mind, you’ll still hear the same high-quality sound that is synonymous with the SoundTraxx name. Both Steam and Diesel versions are available in several installation-friendly formats to make upgrading that model simple and stress-free.