SoundTraxx Videos

Model railroading is fun, and with todays technology it can be even more fun. With this technology we can make some awesome features to make your operating sessions extremely realistic, but operating these features is not always second nature to our customers. To combat this we have created a weekly videos series on YouTube called On Board with SoundTraxx. Search SoundTraxx on YouTube to find our channel.

We post new videos every week to help you learn how to get the most out of our fun new features. On our channel videos are grouped into playlists by product or watch this week's video and scroll through some of our recent videos below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly insights to on our revolutionary products.

Dcc Signal & Function Mapping
In this video, we will quickly go over how DCC commands are structured, how decoders operate, the difference between function commands and features or effects, and how you can manipulate all of this to operate your trains more realistically!

Custom Tsunami2 Install vs. Factory Installed Decoder

Tsunami2 Diesel Sound Selection

Long vs. Short Address

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