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Rapido Trains, Inc.


SoundTraxx began providing Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders to Rapido Trains for their locomotives in 2012. If you have purchased a new locomotive equipped with SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Technology, congratulations! This state-of-the-art sound decoder will provide all of the pleasures of high quality, digital sound and the benefits of today’s DCC technology.

Each Rapido sound-equipped locomotive comes with multiple horns to allow you to customize the locomotive to your personal tastes. These sound equipped models include many of the amazing features found in the aftermarket Tsunami DSDs, including a built-in 7 band equalizer, built-in reverb, Hyperlight lighting effects, and advanced motor controls.

Listed below are the locomotive models that currently are or will be shipped with SoundTraxx decoders installed. Select your model from the list below to link to a quick reference document specific to the locomotive. For a complete breakdown of all of the CVs and Tsunami’s capabilities, please reference the documentation on our website or visit


Sound Equipped - HO Scale



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