Wiring Aids

We offer a number of items designed to make wiring your sound systems easier.  Many are intended to help make your installations neat (a neat installation is a happy installation). Additional items that are suitable for use with all sound systems, such as speakers, can be found linked in the sidebar.

These 2-pin connectors allow locomotive wiring to be quickly disconnected for easier painting and servicing. This kit includes a 2-pin connector set, 6" of red wire, 6" of black wire, and four pieces of heat-shrink tubing.
This assortment includes 6" each of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" diameter tubing for insulating solder connections.
This set offers a quick and easy way to install cams for cam-synchronized exhaust. For use with all SoundTraxx Steam Digital Sound Decoders with a cam output.
Available in 10-foot lengths, this ultra-flexible 30AWG wire makes decoder installations a breeze. We offer 11 colors to match the NMRA and SoundTraxx standards.
Replacement 9-wire to JST power harness for all TSU-2200 or ECO-200 Digital Sound Decoders.
This set of four 8-pin connectors is designed to facilitate wiring in locomotives equipped with a DCC-ready socket.
This 220µF capacitor helps keep power to the decoder during momentary power losses. For use with decoders that use an external capacitor assembly, such as the  TSU-1100 or ECO-100. Capacitor Polarity: One side of the capacitor has a large...
The DBX-9000 is a compact 9-wire connector and harness assembly for use with universal-style DCC decoders. It is designed to simplify the wiring connection between a steam locomotive and its tender, providing a quick-disconnect for...
This harness easily converts TSU-2200 or ECO-200 Digital Sound Decoders to plug and play decoders for use with models equipped with an NMRA 8-pin socket.
Replacement 8-wire power harness for all TSU-1100 or ECO-100 Digital Sound Decoders.
Replacement 4-wire speaker and lighting harness for Tsunami2 and Econami Digital Sound Decoders.
Easily connect a CurrentKeeper or extra capacitor to any SoundTraxx decoder equipped with a 2-pin "Quick Plug" to improve performance over dirty track and switches.
Easily adapt any SoundTraxx 21PNEM decoder to an NMRA 9-Pin DCC "quick plug" equipped model. This adapter can also be used with SoundTraxx 9-Pin JST power harness (p.n. 810069) to create a universal-style decoder. Dimensions: 22.5 x 16 x 7...